BDSM Two Layer Slave Collar
BDSM Slave Collar with Chain

Double Skin Black Leather Collar


Classic BDSM two layer slave collar from hard thick leather, an old-school design for those who appreciate the tradition.


A riveted double layer leather slave collar for those who like it harder. This collar is a classic design with a brutal, yet conservative and tradition look. It is made from two layers of a 3mm (1/16″) thick leather and its durability is beyond any possible necessity. It feels much harder than standard single layer leather collars and holds its smooth circular shape very well having a solid armor-like appearance. This submission collar is a great choice for all those who appreciate the old guard traditions in BDSM and kinky fashion.

The collar is one of the most important pieces of gear in any fetish scene, so its design often determines the style of the whole game – a harder collar for a brutal domination scene or a lightweight and more flexible one for a light fetish play…

BDSM Collar on a Slave
BDSM Collar on a Slave
Suffering Slave in Collar and Leather Jacket
BDSM Collar and Chain Necklace on a Slave

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