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  • BDSM Dominant Man and Submissive Woman

    Lather to Leather – BDSM Guide for Men

    A Man’s Guide to Proposing BDSM Activities to Your Lady. Previously having talked about women and how to open up their partners and how to make them reveal their fantasies, I feel it would be worthwhile talking about the same issue from a man’s perspective. Assuming an image of yourself, your lady or both, dressed …

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  • Woman with a Whip and a Slave

    Stirring Up the Stale Waters of Marriage – Introduction to Fetish Play for Couples

    A Woman’s Guide to Getting Your Loved One Into Some Rougher Games. As the divorce rates are growing, many women question themselves about the reasons behind why their man has gone astray. As much as the stereotypical younger mistress, which accompanies the mid-life crisis of the average or not so average man, seem like the …

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